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Wedgie girl.

I’ve never been a coordinated person. When I played sports in grade school my coaches would often place me in positions on the court\field\ect. that were far away from other players so I wouldn’t get in the good players way. When I took dance classes when I was younger I would always be in the back row during the shows and I was told the reason for this was because I was tall-and I really always believed this until recently. When I was in the play “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” I played the part of a squirrel. I wish that was the embarrassing part of the story, however, it gets worse. When I was dressed in full squirrel get-up and had a full face of squirrel makeup I was supposed to move onto the stage walking the way, well the way a squirrel walks. I wish I remembered the approach I took, but thankfully for my sake I do not. Anyway, I was supposed to end up on the edge of left stage, so that was exactly where I asked my family to sit(so they could see me). However, after standing on the edge for a few moments I somehow dropped one of my feet off the stage, causing me to completely fall off the stage. I remember thinking at this point in time that I had to stay in character no matter what happened, because that was what we had constantly been told to do. So I hopped back onto the stage, just the way I imagined a squirrel to hop if a squirrel even hopped in the first place. Back to more obvious indications that I am not in any way, shape, or form a coordinated person. When I dance or move my arms\hands at all, my friends laugh and tell me I look robotic. My mom has actually begged me not to dance, in public, at all. My personal trainer tried to mimic the way I run, and she couldn’t even mimic it without laughing. The way she ran looked painful, almost like in a scary movie when the victims leg has been broken and stabbed and shot and they try to run away from the villain. I could go on and on all day telling you just how uncoordinated and nonathletic I am, but instead I will just get on with my story. So the other day I was at Lifetime Fitness working out(let it be known that even though I am ungraceful and extremely uncoordinated I do still work out). I got one of those arm straps that connects to your iPod awhile ago, and I’ve been using it while I attempt to run. As I was running I tried to reach for my water bottle to take a sip, and as I did this one of my headphones got stuck around the arm of the tredmil. So I was bending my back and neck as I took a sip of my water so my headphone wouldn’t yank out of my ear. For anyone but myself this would have been a simple maneuver, but this is me we are talking about! Since I was paying so much attention to the tangled headphone cord, my water bottle dropped out of my hand and drenched my shirt and the tredmil. Immediately, I jumped and put my legs on the edges of the tredmil so I wouldn’t trip and kill myself. I pressed pause on the machine and pulled out the massive wedgie that was consuming my running shorts. Relieved, I turned around to clean up my mess. To my complete and utter mortification there, directly behind me running on his own tredmil, was a very attractive boy that I sort of knew from mutual friends. I have a boyfriend, and this specific kid has a girlfriend-so it wasn’t like I had a crush on the kid or anything. It was just one of those moments where I could have crawled under a rock and died. God only knows if I will forever be referred to from this kid and his friends as the “wedgie girl”.